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My journey into the Pool industry started in 1984, right after high school, I got a job on a shotcrete crew. Long days and hard work is how I got my start, but after one year, I saw that there were many opportunities in this business. I climbed the ladder and when I was 21 years of age, I was promoted to foreman. In the early 90's, I also started doing artificial rock and waterfalls. This allowed me to use my creativity and get to know a lot of the pool contractors that were around at that time.

In 1996, I got a job at one of the biggest pool companies in town as a salesman and designer. This was a step in the right direction for me, with my construction background and being very creative, I quickly became one of the top salesman at that company.

In 2002, I decided to take that leap, I wanted to do things my way. I took my test and got my license, Thunderbird Pools and Spas was born. Within 4 years, We were a top 10 company in the valley, one of the most competitive pool markets in the world.

Year after year, we got better and better. We started doing more complicated pools. In the beginning, I was drawing my pools on vellum and coloring them with markers. In 2004 I started using Microsoft Visio, and then in 2006, I started using Structure Studios. A program that has completely changed the pool business and how we draw pools.

I have always tried to have a "State of the ART" pool company. In 2016, I met Charles Ramirez. I had decided to move my server onto the cloud. Charles led a team to get us on Microsoft SharePoint. This allowed us to work remote and be able to work from home or have access to company files from anywhere and from any device.

Over the years, Charles became a huge asset to our company. He always had great Ideas on saving money and being more efficient. In 2021, Charles came to me and wanted me to build him a pool at his house. When you have a pool company, you always get stuck building pools for friends and family, however Charles had another great idea, "how about you build me a pool and I will build you an APP", I said "yes".

I designed Charles a really nice backyard, as we got started on construction, Charles put together a team of computer engineers and started on the "Tbird App".

I never got to do anything like this, I told Charles, "I will tell you what I want it to do and you make the APP do it", and he was able to make all those functions and procedures play out just the way I wanted them to.

We got his pool built, and we got the APP built. Thanks to the entire staff at Thunderbird Pools and Spas, we worked painstakingly hard to get the App built and we started everyone using and testing it. All over town we traveled, testing, testing, testing until we finally got it right.

The Idea came to mind that we should share this amazing APP with the rest of the pool industry, no one has an APP like this, now we were able to get rid of 5 very costly programs that did not communicate together, and have our entire company on one platform. Fast & efficient, that is what is needed in the fast pace pool industry. Pool Contractor Pro was born out of that Idea, Charles and I became business partners and we also saw great opportunities in helping out other pool contractors.

After 20 years of operating a big company through all the ups and downs, I have a lot of insight into what it takes to keep a pool company going. We offer all types of services to help you with your pool business. We have all kinds of cost saving and efficient ideas to help you get your business to the top of your market. If you think it is time to elevate your business, contact Pool Contractor Pro today, we are here to help.

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